About Us.

Who We Are

Ikonic Tonic is a Southern California-based creative agency launched in 2010. The firm was formed by a leading group of global consumer market experts – from brand strategy, new and emerging technologies, marketing, media, and architecture – to form a new generation of omni-channel brand integration services that are geared toward private enterprise, NGO’s, technology, consumer brands, and entertainment.

Ikonic Tonic is a full-service, flexibly structured, boutique style agency that includes a team of consumer centric strategists & technologists coupled with award-winning producers and creative visionaries. This mix creates unique capabilities that fit with your needs for branded and interactive content and delivery that positions your company in today’s markets and prepares your brand for the future.

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Gain global perspectives, insights, connections, education and inspiration.

Differentiate and evolve your brand by identifying & implementing the most effective brand channels

Develop comprehensive, scalable brand standards, metrics, & review platforms.

What We Do

We engage your brand with the hearts and minds of your audience and customers. Utilizing our vast inter-industry experience, Ikonic Tonic delivers consistent messaging across all platforms of your physical, digital, and mobile channels. Our service pillars demonstrate our strength in creating branded environments that translate to an engaging omni-channel experience for your customers – creating an emotional connection with your audience that turns them from one-time visitors into brand evangelists.

Our understanding of the global consumer marketplace, customized data, digital, mobile and tablet delivery channels, along with our media production services, ensures that your products, services and brand are taking full advantage of the customer’s mind-space.

How We Do It

Ikonic Tonic works with brands, agencies, publishers, businesses, architects, producers, developers, and consultants to deliver the ultimate customer experience. A program can only be as successful as the weakest link in the chain.

We pride ourselves on having successfully created and implemented large programs in physical spaces delivering strategy, space planning, design, prototyping, logistics, rollouts, construction, installation, and merchandising in tens of thousands of environments worldwide; Digital spaces that showcase web development and web design, technology consulting & management, management information systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management (PM), and turnkey digital signage solutions; Mobile spaces designing and building tablet and mobile apps and games; and marketing services that feature awesome visual stimuli and 360 degree communication strategies.

Where We Do It

Physical Spaces

Look, feel, taste, smell and sound create emotional attachments to your branded environments. We help you create a “Living Brand” through detailed strategies, marketing platforms, concept designs, 2D and 3D drawings, content production, and branded graphics that bring the physical space to life.

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Digital Worlds

The digital environment is where your brand can explode into a bigger than life entity. Ikonic Tonic harmonizes with your brand’s voice and transcends the essence of your brand to the digital world by shaping, building, and managing your online and digital media platforms, messaging, and initiatives.

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Mobile Universe

If you’re not engaging customer’s mobile devices, you’re ignoring their need for on-demand information and missing the opportunity to keep your brand in front of your customers at all times. Ikonic Tonic crafts the best of your brand essence and delivers a seamless experience on mobile devices.

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