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Our services help companies from around the world in the technology, entertainment, retail, consumer packaged goods (CPGs), hospitality, commercial real estate, and other private enterprise spaces reach the right audience at the right time in the right place by creating, developing, and aligning their brand voice and image across physical, digital & mobile channels.

Building Brands

+ Strategy
+ Creation
+ Development
+ Auditing
+ Alignment & Integration
+ Evolution & Rebranding
+ Channel Development
+ Management
+ Standards

Inspiring Design

+ Identity & Standards
+ Website / Mobile Design
+ Sonic Design
+ Graphic Design
+ Illustration
+ Concept Design
+ Package Design
+ Branded Graphics
+ Advertising Design

Innovating Technology

+ Web Development
+ Mobile / Tablet Apps
+ Gamification
+ Web App Development
+ Theme Development
+ Plugin Development
+ eCommerce

Integrating Marketing

+ Event Based Marketing
+ Location Based Services
+ Social Media
+ SEO / Management
+ Content Management
+ Analytics / Metrics
+ Content Development
+ Advertising


[ Production ] Unit

In today’s crowded brand sphere, engaging content based on motion and sound provides a powerful advantage for all messaging. Compelling content creation is the centerpiece of Ikonic Tonic’s services. Our independent production house consists of dedicated experts and visual storytellers from the motion picture, television, advertising and sound design industries.

Ikonic Tonic’s producer’s unit comprises captivating, visual storytellers, delivering the human spirit through production, cinematography, photography, audio scoring and engineering, lighting & special effects, editing and animation. By capturing moments in time, that split second where nothing else matters, your brand story transcends the visual medium in a fraction of a second.


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+ Concepts
+ Writing
+ Storyboards
+ Locations
+ Casting
+ Crew


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+ Directing
+ Cinematography
+ Photography
+ Sound
+ Lighting & Rigging
+ Special Effects

Post Production

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+ Editing
+ Motion Graphics
+ Animation
+ Special Effects
+ Music Scoring
+ Sound Design
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