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Look, smell, feel, taste, and sound create emotional attachments to your brand. Without them there is no excitement, no interaction, no experience. Ikonic Tonic engages not only the five senses but goes above and beyond to hook your customers at a subconscious level by creating fully integrated platforms that make your brand a “Living Brand.”

Ikonic Tonic offers brands a unique experience mix that bridges every department of enterprise organizations. Showroom, office, & retail design? Been there. Tilt up Construction and Tenant Improvements? Been there, too. 4,500-location turnkey, multiple vendor consolidation programs? Done it. Brand Development, Web Development, Digital Signage, Hollywood movies, TV Shows, Commercials, Tech Products, Mobile Applications? Done that, too!

We collaborate. Ikonic Tonic works with advertising, PR, brand, marketing, and management agencies in entertainment, retail, hospitality, and technology across the globe from a wide range of industries including film, music, television, fashion, sports, publishing, commercial & residential real estate, construction, and logistics, amongst others. Our experience in delivering every facet of branded experiences allows us to work with you to help develop, align, and deliver messaging, look, and feel in physical, online, and mobile spaces. Together with your team, we collaborate to holistically shape and develop your efforts, communication strategies, and touch-points across a variety of service support platforms. See our services to learn how our team of strategists, creative visionaries, and technologists can help you deliver all of your client’s needs.

Launch strategies, web design and development, book trailers, mobile application development, content development, production, PR, event-based marketing (EBM) and Social Media are just some of the ways we help publishers design, develop and deliver marketing communication, messaging, and awareness. Whether your organization launches a film division and needs an animated opener, has an author or artist that needs a compelling online campaign, requires middle-ware software application development to connect your CRM to your email marketing system, or a compelling, attention-grabbing tradeshow booth that will make you the envy of your competitors, Ikonic Tonic will work with you to elevate your identity and showcase your offerings.

We help businesses succeed by giving a local, national, and global perspective.
Our consultancy services allow you to capitalize on renowned brand experience architects to help guide you through innovative strategic processes that invigorate and refresh your initiatives in a visual and emotionally energized fashion. From corporate visioning and design, identity design and standards, experience design, technology implementation and beyond, we collaborate with your team to draw on each other’s insights and experiences to maximize the effectiveness of growth initiatives within your organization.

Architects and Engineers love Ikonic Tonic. Why? Because we speak the language and stand on experience. We have designed corporate and retail spaces, engineered innovative solutions to uncommon environmental problems, built and remodeled thousands of spaces across North America, delivered in-store technology solutions inside of the top retail and corporate facilities, and rolled out tens of thousands of architecturally driven campaigns in consumer and corporate environments. We know the complicated birth-to-earth process involved with delivering experiences in the consumer and corporate space with physical, digital and mobile touch-points.

We understand production in TV, Film, & Music. After all, we’ve been in these industries most of our lives. The broad diversity of our backgrounds from each industry in every facet of pre- through post-production, from creative concepts and strategies, to technology and management gives you the benefit of our renowned experience. Managed by a team of musically, visually, and technically savvy professionals, Ikonic Tonic helps augment your team where you need it most. Whether you are a video game company looking for audio scoring and music production services, a merchandise company looking for a commercial shoot, a movie studio looking to market or gamify an upcoming film release, develop a compelling online presence, or connect with potential companies for branded entertainment outlets, feature films, television, commercial venues, live events, or advertising, our broad inter-industry experience and relationships allow us to assist you based on the individual demands of your projects.

Talk about synergy! As a technology centric agency, we understand the fast changing tech marketplace and the rigorous demands placed on an unparalleled user experience. We have a small internal team of developers and a large contractor base that allows us to deliver small, medium, and enterprise solutions to your clients. Whether your projects require strategy, business logic, additional technology resources that are outside of your core competency, UI design, video or audio production, character development, etc., Ikonic Tonic augments the needs of your organization to deliver an unparalleled user experience and ultimate client satisfaction.

We work with consultants to deliver the services required to satisfy their client needs. Whether we are brought in under your umbrella or as a known vendor, our expertise, business and technical disciplines, functional service offerings, and ability to work collaboratively with you and your client enhances your ability to integrate turnkey solutions into your offerings and provide hands on implementation, management and support.

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